Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Heads up!

Sorry for leaving you folkless for the past two weeks, but I've been traveling throughout this big crazy country and haven't had a chance to get my thoughts in order. While I was away I fell in love with New York and turned 21, two momentous events that you'll be forced to read about shortly.

In the meantime, my lovely sister and her lovely husband have teamed up to help turn STFU into a much more pleasant experience for you intrepid folk explorers. This means that I'll finally be able to transmit my musical discoveries through your laptop speakers without reducing myself to tears as I try to get my website to cooperate with HTML, as well as several other big changes

I'll be leaving California in a week's time too, which means that with the above site renovations, this little folk corner of the internet is probably going to remain in the shadows for a while longer. Please bear with me though: we'll be back on track soon, and better than ever. Nothing can stop the spread of good music, not even five-and-a-half thousand miles of plane journey and eight hours of jet lag.

Just don't expect anything pretty.

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